Event Management

The C&O Event Management team will produce events for clients and partners, each with their own unique scope and logistical needs.


  • Proven experience in project development and project management, including developing operational budgets, big-picture event strategies, and comprehensive timelines
  • Develop and execute all logistical elements of an event or interactive experience
  • Ensure logistics are in place for all related event contractors and vendors
  • Oversee all aspects of procurement, including signage, merchandise and event merchandise, and other event collateral
  • Handling all aspects of the event supply chain
  • Oversee sponsorship activations from outreach and sales through implementation
  • Developing and executing auction and other fundraising events in person and/or digitally to aid in the efforts of fundraising
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Comprehensive marketing and communication, including social media support, if necessary
  • Surveys and Thank You Letters to Event Participants post-event